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21+ Phenomenal Anime Twists | Anime Plot Twists That Are Freaking Amazing !!!

The anime can hit you at any time with its plot twists that are adored by many fans. Even you think you know everything about anime, still, anime twists will manage to get better of you.

These anime twists had an enormous impact on the viewers as they make the show more satisfying and unpredictable. Twists can be loved by anime fans or even they can gather all the hatred.

There are tons of anime whose plot twists you’ve been experienced so far, whether you dropped the anime but you couldn’t help yourself thinking about it. That is the power of plot twists.

So without further adieu let’s start our list of anime plot twists which can prove freaking awesome to you:

22. Dragon Ball Z

anime twists

The biggest twists that many fans might not even think of as twists. To be specific, the whole set-up of the Saiyaan Arc was originally meant as a surprise finale for the original Dragon Ball manga.

If you grew up watching Z first, things like Goku having a son, an evil brother, and being an alien probably just strikes you as the basic set-up, but for Dragon Ball fans in 1989, this was a major twist.

21. From The New World

anime twists

In this anime, I have experienced lots of twists and turns from beginning to the end though they changed everything in the end when the biggest plot twist occurs at the end of this anime.

Moreover, the anime enters into some mysterious zone that is unpredictable till the end of the series. So sit tight and enjoy the show to the fullest.

20. Monster

anime twists

You might think the anime, Monster is quite boring anime resembling the western TV show. But if you sit tight to the end, then this anime can take you on the tour of the anime twists.

The mystery in this series involves all characters going on a compelling hunt for answers. The captivating story with a lot of great plot twists that will keep you begging for more.

19. Neon Genesis Evangelion

anime twists

Now coming on to the next anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most controversial anime of all time.

No other anime has been as much as criticized, praised, analyzed, overanalyzed, and argued about like this anime in the industry.

The first half was distinctive enough for a mysterious mecha anime, but the twists in the second half made it clear that this anime is obsessed with probing into the depths of psychological horror.

18.  Erased


Coming on to the next anime, Erased, an interesting anime with struggling protagonist. This anime is quite exciting as the MC struggles to change his past and his regrets that follows.

Erased is one big game of guessing the killer but the adaptation is far amazing. Even though if you think you know the killer, their actual identity is quite the opposite and you have to start again from square one.

17. Persona 4: The Animation

persona 4

Persona 4: The Animation, is an anime that is based on the video game, Persona 4. It’s set in a town known as Inaba where people are experiencing a strange string of murders connected to a TV show.

The protagonist, Yu Narukami, and his friends start an investigation to reveal what’s killing people and how to save them. But when they put together all the pieces, the helping cop tunes out to be a merciless murderer.

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16. Re:Zero

re zero

Re: Zero doesn’t leave room for you to breathe fresh air. Every single episode will fill you up wanting even more. Re: zero will fill your hunger for plot twists.

Every time when the protagonist dies he ends up in weird psychological trauma and overcoming that situation took a lot of effort out of him.

Just give it a shot, you won’t be dissappointed. This anime is worth watching and makes your head trembles.

15. Kill La Kill

kill la kill

The biggest reveal in Kill La Kill is that the Ryuko and Satsuki the archenemies were long-lost sisters.

The plot twist that was unpredicatble because the girl character named Ryuko Matori came to Honnouji Academy to find about his fathers’ killer. Also the MC got nothing from anyone instead she challenged everyone.

14. Angel Beats

angel beats

This anime series can prove to be quite interesting to watch. The storyline is follow the group of students stuck in the afterlife because they still have unfinished work in the world they live in before.

The protagonist is a boy who lost his memories and can only remember his last name: Otonashi. But the twisted plot contains the full package of mystery yet when it is revealed, you will be awe-struck.

13. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


In this anime, each and every episode got into some sort of weird twist but the best is always episode 10’s reveal of Homura’s.

It was the third episode, however, which for better or worse has defined the whole show. When Charlotte turned Mami’s head into a snack, everyone knew this anime is going to hit a jackpot.

With the inspiring plot of dark magical girl, shows were huge hits and with loads of amazing effects.

12. School Days

School Days has an outlook of just another generic romance anime until the final episode took a darker path and went completely off the rails.

The twist ending was somewhat gore and disgusting which was spoiled in advance to warn the viewers. It is not recommended for everyone but the plot twist was more convincing.

11. Future Diary

Future Diary is always a phycological and pretty weird show, but things get drastically more bizarre when Yuno Gasai’s plan, as well as the extent of her love for Yukiteru, is revealed.

When it is found, Yuno is actually from the future, and she’s been intentionally traveling back in time to play the Survival Games, again and again, killing Yukiteru.

This strange anime plot twist is a lot disgusting for both Yukiteru as well as for the audience to take in. 

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10. Psycho-Pass

The plot revolves around the complex network known as the Siybl System. The Siybl System is a powerful system that has been invented and does an assessment called “the psycho pass”.

The assessment can predict when a person will commit a crime before they even do it.

And normally many people believe in this system and do rely on that but later on, with the plot twist, the whole system was revealed to be corrupted.

9. Fairy Tale

As a matter of fact, the shocking reveal about Natsu’s connection to the Book of END was quite predictable. But the twist that Natsu is Zeref’s younger brother was quite a shock to everyone.

This revelation brings the story altogether and answers questions that were left lingering in the background. It also makes the final battle between Zeref and Natsu much more meaningful and emotional. 

8. Assassination Classroom

The plot follows class3-E, the End Class of Kunugigaoka, although this class was no ordinary class and they have an octopus-like homeroom teacher named Koro-sensei, their duty is to kill Koro-Sensei to save the world.

But Koro- Sensei wasn’t a monster, instead, he doesn’t have anything to save the world and he did not blow up the moon.

Rather a funny yet compelling anime. A must watch anime, you can say.

7. Bleach

Sōsuke Aizen who is considered a loyal member of Soul Society was murdered mysteriously. The major reveal in the anime is that Aizen faked his own death in order to escape Soul Society. And the blame befell on Ichigo and his friends.

This is shocking enough on its own that will let you go in slumber and watch this anime. The journey that plot follows was awesome. 

6. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood follows the stroy of two brothers who went on the journey in search of philosopher’s stone in order to gain thier body back.

The major anime twists were the revelation of the true intention of Roy Mustang who wants philosopher’s stone to restore his own lost sight.

While Mustang’s morals were never close to perfect yet this is still unexpected, given his character trajectory up until that point.

5. Your Name

your name

With the proper Japenese love theme, this anime was a huge hits in several places. The whole plot blows up everyone with its amazing twist of the main characters. 

The series has a good mixture of comedy and mystery genre especially when both the characters swap their bodies.

But the biggest reveal going hit you hard.and they have to work to save everyone. The story ends up on an emotional note.

4. Death Note

death note

This psychological anime was a huge success since the first episode. The cat and mouse game of L and Light Yagami was a delight to pursue but L’s death was definetly unexpected.

 Although Light Yagami had been attempting to kill L since the beginning of the series, hardly anyone knows he’d be dead in merely 12 episodes.

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3. Promised Neverland

ray anime twists

The plot twist about Ray being Isabella’s biological son was a major twist in the season 1 finale. Moreover she raised her own son for slaughter.

This revelation complicates the relationship between Ray and Isabella even more. The tragic story of Promised Neverland will end witht he survival of all kids.

2. Attack On Titan

Aot anime twists

One of the masterpieces and most popular anime Attack on Titan was a huge success among its peers. This controversial series has amazing visuals, sound, and cinematic.

This series is more like a gore anime rather than covering action and adventure genre. The biggest reveal, in my opinion was that within human titans were living and the MC himself was the titan.

1. Naruto

anime twists naruto

Well, everyone knows the plot of Naruto and the great sacrifices that many characters has done to save their villages. This anime covers major anime twists that can be contributed to the major plot twists of the anime industry.

But among all the plot twists, Itachi’s sacrifice was the major turnover for the anime. Every fan of anime started out the anime with being Itachi hater but as the series progresses he was regarded as Hero of Konoha.

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