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17+ Top Most Cute Anime Girls Of All Time

Anime Girl has been dubbed “the most addictive thus the cute form of comic art.”

Anime is a Japanese word that means “addiction.” There is some anime girl in this realm of fiction and reality who you can’t take your eyes away from, whether it’s because of her adorable looks or because of her cute character.

As a result, we at Animastic have compiled a list of the Cutest Anime Girls of All Time.

In my brief experience as an anime fan, I have yet to see an anime girl that isn’t cute. As a result, compiling a list on this subject was a challenge.

Nonetheless, here we are with the cutest anime girls you’ve ever seen. Let’s get started…

18. Lucy


Anime: Elfen Lied

This anime girl is the major protagonist of the Elfen Lied. She despises people. It’s no surprise that she will, given how they alienated her. They deserve to be hated.

Despite being one of our best anime girls ofc cute one, she is most likely the polar opposite in real life. The killing appears to be a reflex action for her, a normal reaction to something. That does seem risky.

Lucy, also known as Kaeda, has two personalities, one of which is known as ‘Nyu.’ Lucy and Nyu provide a counterbalance to each other.

Nyu, on the other side, has an innocent childish nature, whereas Lucy is nasty and frigid.

17. Moka Akashiya

Anime: Rosario + Vampire

The female protagonist of the anime Rosario + Vampire is Moka. She is a vampire who has two selves. Her charming face and long pink hair make her incredibly alluring.

Although she appears to be joyful and kind on the surface (outer Moka), she is cold and harsh on the inside. Tsukune Aono, the lone human student at a school full of monsters, has a crush on Moka.

Moka has a really kind nature while she is wearing the rosary.

16. Ochaco Uraraka

Anime: My Hero Academia

In the anime My Hero Academia, Ochaco is one of the major characters. She’s an adolescent with brown eyes, bobbed hair, and a constant flush on her cheeks. Ochaco gets thrilled over minor things and loves to exaggerate.

She is studying to become a Pro hero and aspires to be like her love interest, Izuku. She admires him for his battlefield prowess.

Ochaco is a determined young lady. She wants to be a hero for the money, but she also wants to be a decent one.

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15. Sawako Kuronuma

Anime: Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako is a high school student who is the main protagonist of the anime Kimi ni Todoke. It’s tough for her to establish friends because of her poor communication abilities.

Sawako is a stunning woman with a slim figure. Her pale skin, large brown eyes, black hair, and thin lips make her a beautiful sight to behold.

She stands out among her peers because of her appearance, and when she smiles, she is regarded as extremely fortunate (because of the rarity of the occurrence).

Most people misinterpret Sawako, although she is a genuinely sweet and selfless young lady.

She frequently goes above and above to assist others, putting others’ needs ahead of her own. Shota is Sawako’s love interest.

14. Rin Tohsaka

Anime: Fate/Stay night

Rin, the Archer’s Master. In the anime Fate/stay night, Rin is one of the main characters. she has lovely turquoise eyes and wavy brown hair.

Rin is a descendent of the Tohsaka family, the Fukui Holy Grail battles’ founders. She is respected at school because of her good demeanor, yet she is the polar opposite in real life. Embarrassing and domineering.

Despite the fact that she has a good heart that is both kind and fierce. Rin has a strong sense of honor and is a wise and astute young lady. Shirou Emiya, her rival, is her love interest.

It’s incredible to see how these young ladies deal with so much and do so well.

13. Yuno Gasai

Anime: Future Diary

Yuno is the female protagonist of Future Diary. The “Yukiteru Diary” is owned by Yuno.

Yukiteru Amano was her crush. She has a sweet and charming side, but she also has an opportunistic and cruel side.

She isn’t afraid to take advantage of others for her own gain. After several bloodsheds, Yuno becomes Yandere. This statement reveals a lot about her violet side.

12. Akeno Himejima

Anime: High school DxD

Akeno attracts everyone with her long black hair and violet eyes. Her lovely form and calm, elegant demeanor just add to it.

Akeno epitomizes what it means to be a perfect Japanese woman.

Her look confirms her status as a fallen angel. Akeno has a completely different demeanor on the battlefield. She kills her foes without making a fuss.

Her mother’s death in front of her eyes has turned her cold on the inside. Her love interest is Issei.

Akeno overcomes the trauma of her mother’s death with the support of Issei, and eventually transforms into a gentle human on the inside as well.

11.Taiga Aisaka

Anime: Toradora

In the anime Toradora, Taiga is the female protagonist.

Taiga, or the “palmtop tiger,” as her friends refer to her, is a stunning young lady. Because of her adorable, or as Ryuuji puts it, “doll-like” appearance, she receives many confessions of love from boys.

Despite the fact that she attracts a large number of people, she is unable to make friends with them. She’s known as the “palmtop tiger” because of her tiny stature and ferocious snapping at others.

Taiga seemed to be contradicting herself. She has a reputation for being fearless, but we see her as a clumsy young lady who is shy in front of her crush Kitamura.

10. Yui Hirasawa

Anime: K-ON!

Yui is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of the band “Ho kago tea time,” the main protagonist of the anime K-ON! Yui embodies the word fearless, and she appears to enjoy performing on stage.

Her eyes are brown, and her hair is thick and brown. Yui is passionate about two things: sweets and fashion. Yui is exactly like the rest of us: she’s a slacker when it comes to school but extremely active in her band.

This tendency of hers frequently causes her grades to suffer and, on occasion, causes her to fail. In any case, we adore her!

9. Morgiana

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana, the red lion’s descendant. She is a Dark Continent Fanalis of pure blood. Her crimson hair, as well as her red eyes, are a common feature among Fanalis.

Morgiana is a quiet woman who isn’t always the same.

She is immensely powerful, and when she gets enraged, she stomps on the ground with her feet.

Morgiana understands and respects her inferiority complex. She claims that because she was formerly a slave, she will never be able to become Empress.

Alibaba is Morgiana’s love interest.

8. Kosaki Onodera

Anime: Nisekoi

In ‘Nisekoi,’ Kosaki is one of the main characters. Kosaki, a seemingly average young lady, rapidly enchanted the audience.

Kosaki’s friendship with her classmate ‘Raku’ blossoms into a romance that both of them keep hidden for fear of ruining their connection.

She is not academically strong like her classmates, but she impresses us with her hard work and dedication to the same.

Kosaki’s shy personality also earns her the love and care of a number of other characters, including her younger sister, who acts as protective shields for her when she is in danger.

7. Hiyori Iki

Anime: Noragami

Hiyori is the female protagonist of the Noragami anime series.

Hiyori is a selfless individual who is willing to put her own life on the line to save others. She has dark brown hair and pink eyes.

Despite the fact that she looks to be of average physical appearance, her characteristics are worth evaluating. Hiyori is a wise young lady who matures into a ladylike figure.

She appears to have acquired great affection for Yato, a minor God whom she saved from an accident in which she was injured.

Hiyori is a dependable and trustworthy individual. Such a strong and young heart is worthy of appreciation.

6. Saeko Busujima

Anime: Highschool of the Dead

Saeko, the secondary female protagonist of the series Highschool of the Dead, is a brave and caring individual.
Saeko is a lovely young lady with long hair and blue eyes.

Anime girls are known for their unusual eyes. Because of her towering stature, Saeko is visually appealing and stands out from the crowd.

Takashi is Saeko’s love interest. Saeko’s calm demeanor is one of her most admirable qualities.

Whatever happens, Saeko remains calm and behaves as the group’s elder sister. She is a fantastic swordswoman, and her lengthy limbs aid her in improving.

5. Misaki Ayuzawa

Anime: Maid – Sama

Misaki, the heroine of Maid – Sama and the student president of Seika High School, is a fierce competitor. Misaki is the best student in the school, with Usui as a close second.

They are at “a level that normal humans cannot achieve,” according to Yukimura. Misaki is so harsh with the males at school that they have dubbed her the “devil president.”

Nonetheless, they describe her as “cute” and “pretty.” Misaki also works part-time at Maid Latte as a maid. She is able to maintain a pleasant demeanor at work. That is incompatible with her personality.

Because of her powerful and determined temperament, Misaki is a personal favorite of mine.

4. Rikka Takanashi

Anime: Chuunibyo Demo koi ga Shitai!

In the anime Chuunibyo Demo koi ga Shitai!, Rikka is the female protagonist. Rikka’s hair is dark blue, and her eyes are cyan. Rikka exists in her own little world.

She considers herself to be a sorceress with a ‘Tyrant’s Eye,’ thus she wears a yellow lens over her right eye. Her mother gave her the name Rikka, which means snowflakes.’

Her attractive attitude stems from her lovely beauty and youthful thoughts. The anime girl to steal your heart with her cute behavior.

3. Kanna Kamui

Anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kanna is the main character in both Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Kanna’s Daily Life.

She is a young female dragon who has been exiled from her land due to her mischief.

Kanna has a gentle voice but is a chatty person. Full of personality. Her actions and expressions reveal every detail.

Everyone adores her charm and fun-loving personality. She is a sweet little girl who is a great darling.

2. Asuna yukki

Anime: Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki is the lightning flash, Kirito’s sweetheart, and the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath.

Sword Art Online’s female protagonist is Asuna. She is one of the most powerful people on our list.

Because of her in-game reputation as a talented player, she is known as Lightning Flash.

Oh, and did I mention how lovely she is? Consider an anime girl who is both talented and attractive(cute)! I believe this is a lethal mix. What do you say?

1. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko is another anime girl who is a loving, cute, and compassionate person. Her skin is fair, and her nails are claw-like. Near her elbow, her black hair turns flamed orange, and her eyes are a gentle pink tone.

Nezuko was well-known for her human-like beauty.

Nezuko obtains a little horn on the left side of her forehead and vine-like patterns all over her body when she is converted into a demon.

Her hair turns from black to vermillion, while the color of her eyes fades to a delicate pink hue.

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