16+ Best Anime Vampires Of All Time

Are you a bloodsucker, a coffin dweller, and deathly afraid of garlic? While the modern anime vampires formula has evolved, the creatures remain equally terrifying.

Mankind has always had an innate fear of what lurks in the shadows.

Creatures you don’t see coming and wouldn’t think to defend against because they appear so human.

Some anime vampires depict monsters who yearn to be men, whereas others only see humans as their next meal.

When it comes to great anime vampires, the pickings are slim, so check out what we’ve compiled for you below so you don’t have to waste your time sorting through all the duds!

Check out our list of the top 16+ anime vampires series of all time!

17. Rosario To Vampire


From Rosario to Vampire, Tsukune Aono, a teen, discovers that having bad grades makes it difficult to get into a good high school.

His only hope is Youkai Academy, a seemingly normal institute on the surface. It is, however, teeming with all manner of monsters in human form.

This includes the title’s main character, Rosario. She may appear normal, but she is a vampire.

Nonetheless, Tsukune perseveres and ensures that the academy’s staff is unaware that he is human. If they find out, they will execute him in accordance with the school’s rules.

16. Karin


Most anime vampires depict the creatures of the night drinking blood, but Karin Maaka produces far too much rather than far too little.

In order to stay healthy, she must give blood to her “victims” rather than take it.

Her routine is disrupted when a new boy at school catches her eye and causes her blood to rush for an entirely different reason.

15. Trinity Blood

anime vampires

Armageddon has arrived in the form of a war between the living and the dead in the future.

But this war isn’t just about species; Abel Nightroad is a vampire who fights for the Vatican against his own kind.

With his new companion Rose by his side, the duo soon realizes that they are the only ones who can bring the war to an end.

14. Black Blood Brothers


Ten years ago, a hero earned the moniker Silver Blade by striking the final blow against the evil Kowloon Children’s leader.

Black Blood Brothers feature both good and evil vampires, with the evil vampires leaderless but not defeated, seeking to breach the barrier that protects their uncorrupted brethren.

13. Servamp


In Servamp, Mahiru Shirota, a high school student, picks up a stray cat on his way home and names it Kuro.

One day, instead of the cat, he discovers a young man sitting on his couch.

When Mahiru unintentionally exposes the boy to sunlight, he reverts to Kuro.

Thus begins a journey between the astounded boy and the slacker vampire.

12. Blood Lad

blood lad

Do you ever have the feeling that people mistake you for a monstrous and unforgiving villain when all you want to do is spend your days as an otaku?

Welcome to the world of Staz Charlie Blood, the powerful vampire.

When a Japanese girl, Fuyumi, inadvertently enters the demon world, he is relieved to have someone from the land of anime to converse with.

However, when she is killed, he is forced to travel to the human world with Fuyumi in tow in order to resurrect her.

11. Blood +

blood +

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good old-fashioned secret war.

There are two factions: the Chiropterans, who feed on living blood, and the Red Shield, a task force dedicated to slaying their vampiric foes.

Saya, the protagonist, is recruited into this task force and is tasked with uncovering her mysterious past.

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10. Strike The Blood

anime vampires

Legends in Itogami City, where humans and demons coexist, speak of the Fourth Progenitor, a legendary vampire with unfathomable power.

So Kojou Akatsuki, a normal human high school student, is perplexed when he becomes the Fourth Progenitor and develops a harem of young ladies.

9. Vampire Hunter D

hunter D

D, a dunpeal (a vampire/human hybrid) bounty hunter, is the silent protagonist of this story about Meier Link, a powerful vampire who falls in love with a human and marries her.

D pursues Link and encounters a variety of difficulties along the way, including competing bounty hunters and Link’s henchmen.

8. Shiki

anime vampires

Caution: This is not for the faint of heart.

A normally quaint little village soon finds itself in the midst of a vampire infestation, leaving viewers feeling as if their own blood has been drained.

Shiki focuses on the monsters of old rather than the newer, sparkly want tobes, so don’t expect to find modern, friendly vampires here.

7. Vanitas No Carte

anime vampires

It follows Noé, a young man with one goal in mind. To find the Book of Vanitas, a cursed grimoire that will one-day exact vengeance on all vampires.

A sudden vampire attack brings him into contact with the enigmatic Vanitas, a doctor who specializes in vampires and, much to Noé’s surprise, a completely normal human.

The enigmatic doctor has inherited both the name and the infamous text from legend Vanitas, and he uses the grimoire to heal his patients.

But there’s something sinister lurking behind his pleasant demeanor.

6. Vampire Knight

anime vampires

Cross Academy is a boarding school with two classes: day and night.

And you are correct if you guessed the Night Class is a gang of bloodsuckers!

It will be difficult to keep the peace at the academy because this is the first real attempt to coexist between vampires and humans.

5. Bakemonogatari

anime vampires

Koyomi Araragi was a typical high school student who was only mildly concerned about rumors of a nearby vampire.

Then he encountered the vampire. Late at night. Alone. Uh-oh.

He miraculously survived, but now finds himself among the legions of the undead! He may soon discover that vampires aren’t the only supernatural beings out there.

4. JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

anime vampires

George Joestar’s life was pretty good until one fateful day when he acquired an adopted brother named Dio, who makes most other villainous vampires look pretty tame.

Dio intends to depose Joestar and steal the family fortune, but when a mysterious stone mask with ancient powers is discovered, this already nefarious plan becomes much more sinister.

3. Castlevania

anime vampires

This brilliant and spectacular Netflix original filled with gore and action is based on Konami’s game of the same name.

When Dracula’s human wife is burned at the stake for alleged witchcraft. He unleashes demons on Romania to exact his revenge.

Trevor Belmont, a disgraced and excommunicated monster hunter, joins forces with Sypha Belnades, a powerful magician and Speaker, and Adrian Tepes/Alucard, Dracula’s dhampir son who opposes his tactics.

2. Hellsing Ultimate

anime vampires

Dr. Van Helsing narrowly defeated the vampire Count Dracula decades ago. However, unlike his novel counterpart, this story does not end with the wicked Count dying.

He was taken to England and transformed into the ultimate superweapon of his newly formed Hellsing organization, a task force dedicated to protecting humanity from monsters.

Decades later, a new threat emerges, and the former Count, who was once humanity’s worst enemy, transforms into its greatest protector.

1. Owari No Seraph

anime vampires

The basic premise of Owari no Seraph is that a mysterious illness kills everyone over the age of 13, and vampires emerge from hiding to take over the world.

Not all of the children are content with their lives as livestock. And some are determined to take up the sword against their slave masters for the sake of humanity and for themselves.

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