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15+ Best Anime Scenes That Will Boost You

The Best Anime Scenes are the vast topic and can be chosen from variety of anime. But the impact they offer is unmeasurable.

Some scenes are so powerful and amazing that you will fall head over heels in love with them. They just embraced you with so fondling memories that you never want them to forget.

Whenever you heard the anime name that particular scene will hit your head, some best anime scenes contains powerful charisma.

So without further ado lets start our best anime scenes list:

17. Eren Turns Into Titan (Attack On Titan)

best anime scenes

Attack On Titan is the one of the most waited and a perfect masterpiece that is loved by fans.

This anime contain many scenes that will give you goosebumps but when Eren first turned into titans and fought other titans was something which can’t be describe by mere words.

This moment is loved and discussed about by almost every fan.

16. Zero Kills his Sister (Code Geass)

best anime scenes

Lelouch Of The Rebellion or Zero fought against the King (his father) throughout the anime but the mast hated and loved scene was when he killed his own sister.

Though it wasn’t his intention but the power he wasn’t able to control. The scene brings a scent of discomfort in the heart of audience.

This mixed feeling was difficult to forget.

15. Dog Scene (Elfen Lied)

best anime scenes

This is as gore and dark as the whole anime.

The dog was beaten and kicked to death just to give a pain to hurt Lucy, female protagonist.

Watch it at your own risk.

14. Mine’s Death (Akame Ga KIll)

best anime scenes

What will you do if the girl you love dies in your arm? It will hurt isn’t it? The whole series is like a death march to heaven. The every character you will attach to end up dying. Even the protagonist.

One of the hurtful death was Mine’s who is in love with Tatsumi, MC of Akame Ga Kill.

This scene was really sad and heart broken.

13. Torture of Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

best anime scenes

Tokyo Ghoul is dark, psychological and supernatural based genre.

The most famous scene is from the first season. When the protagonist Ken Kaneki was tortured to death.

As a fan that scene was gruesome and gore which we is difficult to digest.

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12. One For All, 1,000,000%! Delware Detroit Smash! (My Hero Academia)

best anime scenes

My Hero Academia is well equipped with amazing fighting scene and exciting tournament that will easily win your heart.

Among all this amazing arcs, the fight between Midoriya and Muscular was authentic. It gave the goosebumps throughout the arc.

Its one of the best scene showing the true strength of the protagonist.

11. Karasuno Vs Shiratorizawa (Haikyuu)

best anime scenes

Haikyuu! is the king of the sport anime and swept the floor of its fans.

Karasuno fought well against every opponent, but its volleyball match with Shiratorizawa was fantastic.

This anime is quite well animated with top notch sound effects and awesome visual, Haikyuu! is considered to be one of the most awaiting masterpiece.

10. Bell Vs Minotaur (Danmachi)

best anime scenes

Danmachi! took place in a fantasy world, Bell Cranel as its protagonist who wants to be a hero.

There’s a lot of fighting scene covered in this anime but the fight between Bell Vs Minotaur was amazing.

The whole scene will give you a adrenaline boost.

9. Escanor Vs Estarossa (The Seven Deadly Sins)

escanor vs estrossa

Though Escanor is the most powerful in the Seven deadly sins and his every fight is one sided but when he fought the younger brother of Meliodas, Estarossa ( a member of ten commandments), it surely brings the best feelings.

One can not forget the impact of Escanor in this fight.

8. Last Letter (Your Lie In April)

last letter

The last letter of Kaori to Kousei was truly heart warming and it really broke the internet.

The feeling that passed through the last letter made most of us shed tear in grieve.

This anime really made it impact among its fan.

7. Gon’s Rage (Hunter x Hunter)

gons rage

Anyone who watched this series knows what Gon’s rage looks like. The happy go character was turned into the most powerful character when his friend was killed.

It is perhas the most affecting series of this anime.

You can feel the pure killing intention throughout this chimera ant arc.

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6. Roy Mustang’s Revenge (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


This scene brought the effect of revenge and shown beautifully when it covers,” The revenge is sweet but painful”.

Roy Mustang took his revenge when he killed Envy, a homunculus who killed his best friend Maes Hughes.

This seen was somewhat satisfying.

5. Breath of Fire Awakening (Demon Slayer)


This scene is shown in the newest movie of Demon Slayer.

When Tanjiro awakens the breathe of fire, it really gives the cold shivers. Truly remarkable scene.

The animation was enchanting. The emotion was overwhelming.

4. Naruto arrives in Pain Arc (Naruto Shippuden)


The true power of Naruto witnessed by fans are in the pain arc when he learns the sage jutsu and smashes one of the pain.

This scene was really soothing and the villian was really powerful.

This scene has to be in the list.

3. “Ed…Ward” Nina Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Fullmetal Alchemist has too many iconic moments like other famous anime.

One of them is what happened to Nina Tucker or rather his father did terrible things to his daughter.

This scene was really heartfelt and emotional.

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2. Bang! (Cowboy Bebop)


This melancholy scene of Cowboy Bebop was ended with iconic word Bang!

Those who thinks this anime will have a happy or satisfying ending wasn’t paying attention to the plot.

Ending was really exemplary.

1. Ann Magnolia (Violet Evergarden)


This isn’t just a tear, its an emotion.

Violet Evergarden won the hearts of many with this iconic scene. The pure love between mother and daughter is shown in this anime with a stroke of numbness in this episode.

This scene is supposed to be in the top.

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