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14+ Aesthetically Exotic Anime You Should definitely give it a Try!!

We decided to do something off the track this time. So, we The Team Animastic brought you the list of Aesthetic Anime which are good to watch.

You must be wondering what is aesthetic, it is nothing more than the animation, visual and art style in which anime is present.

Aesthetic anime is considered to be good, as it attracts many audience, plus it can make or break the anime whether they have appealing storyline or not.

So without further ado, let’s start our list of Aesthetic anime:

15. Orange


This anime was so good that it had me crying at the last episode. Smooth animation with quality visual.

Though it has common aesthetic that we found in every school series but its plot will drag you emotionally.

Guilt, shame, self-hatred and depression is well shown in this element. But friendship is what I like in this series.

14. My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia, a super power and action genre made it to this list. This anime has outstanding fighting scenes with a visual on par with animation.

Personally, I like this anime and a huge fan of MHA but regardless, this anime deserve to be in this list.

On the surface, you can see the fight between heroes and villain’s but when you dig deep you will found the true plot of this aesthetically appealing anime.

13. Five Centimeters Per Second

aesthetic anime

This Romance/Slice of life anime is one of the aesthetic anime that will grab your heart.

This anime has beautiful scenery, breath taking moments, a little bit of emotions and much more to offer to the anime community.

It brings the animation to the whole new level. The character design was not up to mark but the anime made it through with the audio and visuals.

12. A Lull In The Sea

aesthetic anime

A Lull In The Sea depicts the stories of two societies separated by water.

Since there is water, we can witness different aesthetic scenes, cool underground societies, authentic beauty of nature that make this anime more appealing.

Characters in this anime is quite developed and well voiced. This anime seems to be focused on creating a calm and peaceful vibe.

11. Demon Slayer

demaon slayer

This new anime broke many of the recent record. Kudos! to Koyoharu Gotouge, written and illustrated by him.

The graphics are really impressive and fresh. Another trait this anime has its solid animation, visual and looks.

Demon Slayer is produced by one of the leading anime industry, Ufotable, known for its animation and art work.

10. Haikyuu!


Haikyuu! If you’re into anime then you must heard of this masterpiece. It truly rules over the sports genre.

This aesthetic anime rules the visual and animation in and showed a fabulous character design. Sound and audio effects were also amazing.

You should definitely give this anime a shot, a worth watching on big screen.

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9. Hyouka


Hyouka, again a gorgeous series with the fine visual and audio. This mystery anime series was aired on 2012.

It has its own unique element to offer to the anime community. The characters aa well as scenic beauty are its best trait.

It’s a thought provoking series and each personality shown adds their own “spice” to the plot.

8. The Ancient Magus Bride

aesthetic anime

Another anime with wonderful animation, totally breath taking. You will not find many shows which is better than this in animation not even in 2020.

The Ancient Magus Bride shows the smallest of details with perfection. It catches all the authentic beauty perfectly.

All of this visual settings are good enough to go gaga over it.

7. Snow White With Red Hairs

aesthetic anime

The romantic plot is quite appealing, as shown in this anime. The romance between the characters is carried out perfectly.

Followed by the animation of the nature, visuals and audio, this anime has much more to offer.

Background scenes, scenic beauty, not a single frame goes by without catching your attention. The art style is also very soothing.

6. Your Lie In April

aesthetic anime

Simply put, This heart warming anime just go deeper into your heart. Your Lie in April was truly an emotional masterpiece I have ever came across.

Animation of the school series is taken to next level with, authentic nature and its beauty, all is carried out neatly.

The love, happy and sad moment were shown masterfully, neither visuals nor animation style will upset you. This Anime will provide you with all kinds of emotion.

5. Garden Of Words

aesthetic anime

Nothing beats the anime in tis animation and fine details of its art work.

Garden of words is released way before, when animation was moderate, but this anime made its way to the top and beat the most of the anime comes in late 2019 and 2020.

The details were so fine, it was quite realistic. The rain drop, the foods, concrete everything was well defined.

A masterpiece indeed.

4. Yona Of The Dawn

yona of the dwan

Aesthetic is good, giving this anime, Yona of the Dawn the 4th position in this list.

But what I found great about this anime is, its plot and timed humor. Though the characters lack the depth in it, regardless it has nothing less to offer.

The Animation, visuals and art style is good, especially the action scenes were masterfully drawn out.

Do watch it.

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3. Weathering With You

aesthetic anime

One of my colleague saw this movie in the theatre and went gaga over it. He never stops talking about it, even now. LOL!

Now, you can understand the aesthetics it provide. On a whole different level.

The sounds effect were good, followed by perfect visuals, the weather shown in this anime is quite catchy and beautiful and the scenery looks like it came into life.

You should watch this movie.

2. Violet Evergarden

aesthetic anime

There’s nothing anime that will challenge Violet Evergarden regarding to its animation and visuals. It is in a league of its own.

The emotional parameters shown by different characters burst you into crying.

Its flawless in its animation and art style. Sound effects were spot on too.

1. Your Name

your name

This supernatural drama series won the top position in the list. Its aesthetics is nothing less compared to top 5 anime series in the list but it’s plot is more appealing than others.

You will get the same vibes as Weathering With You and Garden Of Words.

In spite of having high ratings, this anime never cease to amaze you throughout its run time.

The overall character design was truly amazing. The characteristics feature of the anime is also very finely tuned. The movies setting is quite realistic and cope up with its gorgeous animation and its high visuals.

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