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13 Best And Most Iconic Black Male Anime Characters Of All Time

The black male characters are a symbol of power and hotness. The most iconic black male characters featured in anime is portrayed as young handsome, well built, muscular and of course swayed away by their style.

Though the light skin toned characters dominate the anime industry yet the influence of these iconic black male characters are no less.

And in this post we decided to aware you about iconic black male anime characters and let you admire them as well.

So without further ado lets get started:

13. Kilik Rung (Soul Eater)

Kilik is one of the best meisters featured in the anime Soul Eater. He is one of the iconic black male anime characters so far.

He is a happy, laid back guy who take his time to think about the problems thoroughly and most of the time come up with the good solution.

Kilik is a dependable guy, one can count on him in every situation.

12. Bob Makihara (Tenjou Tenge)

Well, in Tenjou Tenge, Bob is shown as delinquent who always accompany his friend Souichiro Nagi.

He wanted to conquer his high School Toudou Academy together with his friend but only to embarrassed himself as he is not most powerful in the academy.

His ability to adapt to fight and his strength to match his opponent is well acknowledged in anime as well as in manga. He is established one of the great fighter in the series.

11. A (Naruto Shippuden)

A appears in Naruto Shipppuden and is known as Fourth Raikage. He and his partner B, known as killer B is regarded as brothers in series.

He is a great Raikage and a goo giant. His speed is only second to fourth Hokage.

He is humble black guy who could do anything for his village and its safety.

10. Sid Barrett (Soul Eater)

Sid Barrett is one of those teachers who taught at the Death Scythe Meister Academy.

He is an exceptional teacher like Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom. His students also love him dearly.

Though table was turned when he turned into zombie.

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9. James Ironside (Blood+)

I believe most of you have seen the anime Blood+ and recognize him, but if you haven’t then let me tell you, this guy in black suit is James Ironside.

He’s one of Diva’s Chevalier’s, a military trained who protect her from every possible danger.

As for his personality he’s calm, lacks a sense of humor and is punctual. He also is a good leader.

8. Killer B (Naruto Shippuden)

B is the partner of A, Fourth Raikage as metioned above. He is also jinchuriki of eight tails.

He is quite impressive as he can control the power of eight tails and teaches Naruto to do the same. His control of power is second to none.

His fighting style, wrestling style and his ninja ways are totally different and awesome. On top of it he does some dope rhyming making him one of the most unique ninja.

7. Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

Mugen is from the anime Samurai Champloo, one of the great samurai. He developed his own technique and mastered it.

Mugen is a bit vulgar, womanizer and crude yet he is kind of exciting in his own way.

He fits perfectly into the list because the character development shown in the series was quite remarkable plus he does have it what this list needs.

6. Mohammed Avdol (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Mohammed Avdol belongs to Egypt , from his hairstyle, to his necklace, and overall design resembles him for Egypt.

His personality can be summarized as mature, responsible, and someone who’s a leading a life to be a great example to others.

Many times in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure he makes his personality and trait clear. We can put him in a category of a serious type of black male characters.

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5. Andrew Gilbert Mills (Sword Art Online)

Who doesn’t know Agil? There isn’t many fan who haven’t watched Sword Art Online and many of them know this character.

He is featured as a supportive character yet he fulfills his role perfectly. Andrew is laid-back, chilled character who doesn’t want any trouble.

His specialties include making and crafting weapons in SAO which I believe is crucial in order to survive in the virtual reality game.

4. Dutch (Black Lagoon)

I personally feel that Dutch is one of my favorite black male anime characters which of course demand your attention too.

He is one of the main characters featured in anime gangster series called Black Lagoon.

He’s tall, muscular, and well built and above he got the guts to scare the hell of a people.

3. Aokiji (One Piece)

Aokiji is also known as Kuzan in famous series One Piece. Previously he was marine but now he is with Blackbeard Pirates.

He prefers to go with the flow rather than opposing it.Though he is smart and cunning , so don’t ever underestimate him.

He is a worthy male black anime character that needs to be in the list.

2. Tosen Kaname (Bleach)

Tosen Kaname is one the famous Soul reaper appeared in Bleach. He looks quiet type of a person who speaks when necessary.

His personality was a little bit weird but he is intelligent and sharp and there’s no doubt about it.

1. Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

Afro is the protagonist from the anime Afro Samurai. He is quite a skilled swordsmanship and is one of the famous male black anime characters.

He rarely shows emotion and is clod blooded killer who could do anything to have his revenge.

Not to mention him at this position would be a disgrace to its list. He surely have everything this list needs.

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