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11+ Anime Like Black Clover | Must Watch Anime If You Liked Black Cover

After Black Clover came to an end with cliffhanger fans are searching for the same classic shounen action genre in different anime.

As a shounen anime, Black Clover follows a male protagonist, Asta with no parents, a sweet and caring best friend, Yuno, and a childhood dream to become a Wizard King, and of course, loads and loads of fighting with the bad guys.

However, for those who are fans of the series and are keen to watch anime similar to Black CLover, here are the best recommendations for them.

12. Blue Exorcist

Anime Like Black CLover

Blue Exorcist takes place in a fantasy world where humans and demons co-exist.

The plot follows Rin Okumura who is the son of Satan, whose adoptive father was Killed by Satan himself.

Rin immediately swears to destroy Satan and to do so, he joins an academy that trains exorcists.

Alongside his brother Yukio, Rin works hard so that he can one day become a strong exorcist that can defeat Satan, forever.

11. Konjiki no Gash Bell!!

In the world of ‘Konjiki no Gash Bell!!’, demons are sent to earth to find human masters and fight other demons until only one emerges as the true King.

The plot follows Takamine Kiyomaro, a guy who doesn’t care about the world but when Gash a little demon suddenly arrives in his care, his world changes upside down.

Now, Takamine must learn the value of friendship and take care of Gash as his master as the duo embarks on various difficult battles.

10. Demon Slayer

Anime Like Black CLover

Demon Salyer follows the story of Tanjiro whose family was killed by Demon leaving the only survivor his sister, Nezuko turning her into a half-demon.

Swearing revenge, young Tanjiro sets out on a journey to become a Demon Slayer and to turn back his sister into a human.

9. Magi: The Lybrinth Of Magic

The plot follows Aladdin , a magi , a magician who has the ability to summon a djinn with his flute.

He embarks on a journey to explore the world joined by Alibaba. After an incident, the duo starts seeking the nearest labyrinth thus starting their adventure to change the world.

8. Bleach

Anime Like Black CLover

In Bleach, plot follows High-schooler Ichigo Kurosaki whiose life is turned upside down when his family is murdered by a corrupt spirit, known as Hollow giving Ichigo powers of a Soul Reaper.

Now, Ichigo must hunt down every Hollow that crosses his path. He also befriends other people who have been wronged by Hollows.

7. Naruto

Anime Like Black CLover

The Tail of Naruto Uzumaki describes about a boy, Naruto who has nothing but dream of becoming Hokage of his village.

On his journey he make some extremely loyal friends. Follow the adventures of Naruto as he goes from being a troublemaker to being the greatest hero of his generation.

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6. Hunter X Hunter

Anime Like Black CLover

The story follows Gon who decided to become a Hunter when he learns his father left him to become a Hunter.

Thus Gon began his journey to become a hunter and meet Killua, his best friend. He also believes becoming a Hunter is his best shot at finding his own father and the answers to questions he always had.

5. One Piece

One Piece follow a 17 years old Luffy who wants to be pirate and sets on an endless journey to go on an adventure not for money or fame but to go on adventures.

Luffy and his crew fight evil people, unveil many mysteries and make new friends along the way.

4. My Hero Academia

Anime Like Black CLover

The plot of My Hero Academia follows the unfortunate Izuki MIdoriya who wanted to be a Superhero but he doesn’t possess any quirk(superpower).

After twist and turn, Izuku becomes the successor of one for all.

With the passage of time, Izuku soon learns that being a hero wasn’t what he had thought it would be, as he attends a prestigious school for this world’s future protectors.

3. Nanatsu No Taizai

Anime Like Black CLover

The Princess Elizabeth, the third princess of the kingdom sets on a journey in search for the Seven Deadly Sins so that she can regain her kingdom from the clutches of the tyrannous Holy Knights.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anime Like Black CLover

This anime follows Edward and Alphonse who loses his right hand and his brother loses his body in order to revive their mother.

After the incident the brothers set out on a journey to find the fabled philosopher’s stone which will enable them to perform human transmutation without any side effects gaining their bodies back.

1. Fairy Tail

Anime Like Black CLover

One first we have Fairy tail who is much like the Black Clover whether it’s background, action, battles, or the setting.

In this anime, Young mage Lucy dreams of becoming a witch and joins a popular guild Fairy Tail.

Her journey leads her to Happy and Natsu Dragneel, Erza, and Gray Fullbuster. They soon become friends and go on never-ending adventures together.

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