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10 Best Romance Manga That Will Make You Fall in Love with your imaginary Girlfriend !

best romance manga with tons of great, cute, lewd and happy events? who doesn’t like those? personally I’m a great otaku for such genres. Just giving away the title of best romance manga is not an easy task. so here are my picks for top 10 best romance manga that will definitely make your heart skip a beat.

~~ 10. Mijuku na Futari de Gozaimasu ga ~~

The most ideal and most respected genre of romance awaits your read. Childhood love turned into marriage and couples indulging in love with lots of confusions. Now all there’s left is unimaginable cuteness and unprecedented comedy.

After Marriage Ikuma and Sumika, the couples, find it really hard to escalate their relationship from trivial to a Newlyweds. This includes all other aspects like future family plans and their lives as a couples, rather than two individuals.

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With both of them having zero prior experience, this awkward couple tries their best to figure out together how to do it for the first time

~~ 9. Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu! ~~

Jun is a normal or ordinary School student, but one night everything changed. On his bike, riding late at night, he came across a drunk, Half-Naked woman on the side of the road. However, she starts to become uncomfortably affectionate top Jun, but Jun takes her home for her to sleep in a gentlemanly order.

Later he discovers that the woman is Kawase Narumi, his mother’s new assistant and she has literally no idea of what she is supposed to do in her work. As such being the case, Jun becomes her coach or tutor of sorts to guide her of her work.

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Now Jun comes frequently across the lady who gets drunk half-naked most of the times and Jun I supposed to take care of her.

~~ 8. Kimi No Nawa (Your Name) ~~

Based by the worldwide phenomena, Your Name, served as the origin of the anime Your Name. Miyamizu Mitsuha is a high school girl living in the countryside town of Itomori. She yearns for a life in Tokyo. She despises her trivial lifestyle and never changing daily life and wishes to live the City life filled with opportunities and interesting incidents.

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At the same time, Taki Tachibana, a high school student, lives in Tokyo and has a great interest in architecture, aiming to become an urban planner in the near future. One day, the bodies of both the individuals gets swapped and they experience new living conditions and lifestyles as they’ve always wished for. With both of them working together to deal with the strange phenomenon, how will this impact their everyday life?

~~ 7. 29 with JK ~~

A 29 year old corporate slave, Yariba Eiji, gets through his life mostly by relaxing off at manga cafes. One day, he ends up meeting a JK ( Joushi Kousei), a 15 year old high school girl and ends up scolding her for something. This leads the jk to warm up her feeling towards Eiji.

For better or worse, Eiji’s Little sister, Ex- girlfriend and her subordinate, are becoming interested in love with him. Hopping and doing park over between loves coming from all directions and the newly developed ventures with romance, Eiji’s now in a forbidden age gap love comedy Manga Plot.

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~~ 6. Kami Sama Drop ~~

17-year-old Nowaki Asunaro has been forsaken by fortune since his birth. Every step he takes, bad luck awaits, whether it takes the shape of something trivial or being blamed for crimes he never committed. Even for an exceptionally unlucky fellow like him, he still hopes to become friends with Hashihime Banri, the love of his life. The only problem lies in the fact that every time he almost gets close to her, his lack of luck blocks the way.

On one typical day for him, filled with unfortunate accidents, he ends up having to protect himself from the rain in a forsaken and dilapidated temple. He becomes feverish from cold and hunger. But in desperation, he prays to the gods that he survive this day and become friends with Banri. Listening his cry, a literal god is summoned. Will this accident bring him the luck he always wished for?

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~~ 5. Ase to Sekken (Sweat and Soap) ~~             

Yaeshima Asako is the office lady with a complex about her excessive sweating. She works at a company which specializes in Makeup and bath accessories famous amongst woman. In order to suppress the odor from her sweating conditions, she uses deodorant in her daily routine.

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But, one day a guy named Koutarou Natori from product development department of the same company approaches Asako. He tells her that her smell is just too good and he will be dropping by daily to smell her in order to create a new product. Although not hesitant, their journey of smelling each other till falling in love continues….

~~ 4. Furare Girl ~~        

Akasaka Hibiki is the most acclaimed and beautiful women in the school. Because of her drop-dead gorgeous and high sex appeal body, she recently undergone a breakup. Under Breakup blues, her schoolmate Aoyama proposes her to be his mistress?

Aoyama will try his level best to gain the favor of love and affection from Hibiki san with frequent nosebleeds and Meltdown on the way. Follow with this Shoujo rom-com to experience something out of the box regarding the trivial romance genre.

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~~ 3. Tonikaku Kawaii ~~            

Yuzaki Nasa has achieved all wo0nders one can aim for. He ranked first in the nation’s mock test exam and is set to enter high school of his choice. But, his life changed on fateful night. Nasa saw a beautiful women walk past him, dazed in her elegance, Nasa observes she’s about to get wrecked by an approaching vehicle. With intention to save her, he jumps to her rescue, but ends up getting saved by her.

Soon after he proposes her to be his girlfriend but to his surprise she proposes him to marriage?

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After recovering from his wounds, he sets his journey to find this woman. But, one day someone knocks the door and to his surprise it’s the same woman. Nasa’s life is going to change completely now with the introduction of a new character, his wife.

~~ 2. Kawaii joushi wo Komarasetai ~~

Megumi Ira is a successful woman who is currently at the prime of her career. She’s a beautiful woman who’s brimming with pride and dedicates her entire time for her work. Since childhood Ira has invested all her time studying and aiming higher than everyone, that till now she hasn’t realized what she missed in her life.

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Though one morning, after waking up from being drunk, she finds herself sleeping next to her new employee Shun Aoki. This incident will change the entire life and future plans of Ira as she develops new ventures revolving around the term ‘Love’.

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~~ 1. Horimiya (Hori to Miya san) ~~        

Kyouko Hori, is the most brilliant and outperforming girl in the School. With her ever improving grades and healthy friend cycle, she heavily admired by others. Although she has a side no one knows about. With her parent living away due to work, Hori locks herself up in her home with her little brother to avoid any social gatherings.

On a similar note, the gloomy and most boring schoolmate, Miyamura Izumi, is actually a gentle person inept in studying. He also bears a side no one knows about. He has several piercing covered by his hair and even has tattoo all over his bodies.

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On fateful day, these two oddballs meet each other and now a new story started to brew amongst them. Sharing each other’s secret, they start a very uncanny and unprecedented love story ‘Hori san to Miyamura kun’ or simply ‘Hori-Miya’.

these were the best romance manga that I suggest you to read. these are amongst the best romance manga if not mainstream.

We are Animastic, you are fantastic! take care and Sayonara.

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