10 Amazing Manga like Solo Levelling worth the read !!

Manga like solo levelling has always been the case. when something or someone grows too much, everyone tries to mimic it. There are enough manga like solo levelling which could flood the manga society. The solo levelling, being for over a decade in manga market, has seen lot of ups and downs.

But solo levelling instilled the ‘Rebirth’ or ‘Reincarnation’ phenomena as a major and prominent concept in new-gen manga industry making them manga like solo levelling.

These are the 10 of the most unique, yet reminiscent of solo levelling manga in terms of ‘reincarnation’. These will surely leave you in an urge to binge, thus, here are the manga like solo levelling.

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~~ 10. Dolkara ~~

Although based on Martial Arts, majorly Dojo and Karate , Dolkara emphasizes on the story of Reincarnation of a famous Martial Artist. Famous Martial Artist Kazuyoshi ishii was imprisoned for 17 months, or was framed, under Tax evasion. However, after completing the trial, he met with an accident on his way home. This accident results in the death of the Martial Artist. But, even when life gave up on him, he didn’t give up on himself.

He broke through the barrier of Death with sheer will. Watching his will to live, a CAT grants him a new life. In his new life, he is a 17-year-old girl under a debt of 3M yen. The girl committed suicide under the debt and peer pressure. Under his new life , ishii becomes famous with this Girly Figure and his previous knowledge in martial arts and rises to greater heights.

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~~ 9. Demonic Emperor ~~

The great demonic emperor gains a new and tarrying artifact. This artifact can wage a war between hell and heavens. Whoever possesses this artifact was supposed to be the probable winner of the duel. So, for the sake of plot and the story board developments, the demonic emperor loses the fight. But, before dying out completely, his soul leaves the godly realm and travels to human realm. In Human realm, there occurs a convoy, near which, a dead body of a boy is found laid down. The demonic emperor gains the authority over the dead body and reincarnates of sorts.

Now, after gaining this new body, the demonic emperor realizes that the body can’t bear the power. Thus demonic emperor experiences a huge nerf in his capabilities. After reanalyzing himself, he chooses to re-cultivate his powers as he still possesses the knowledge on how to cultivate. The later story follows on how the demonic emperor gains demonic powers and power ups the weak body. Although it’s quite unique and visuals are typically good, it still lacks a lot to overcome solo levelling’s domination.

~~ 8. Max Level Returner ~~

A game that changed everything and everyone over the year 2019. As the New Year marked the flooding in the Virtual game ‘Eternal World’, there occurs a shocking incident. In year 2019, over 600 Million Gamers were teleported into the ‘Eternal World’ where they fought to death under different circumstances. The game was a ‘level-up’ based game making the manga like solo levelling. The millions of people fought to death, and upon death were teleported back to the real world.

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After several years, the last remaining gamer from eternal world revives in the real world. This player marks the change in the society, as the monsters from Eternal World were also getting teleported into Real world along with returning players. The people who can overcome these monsters were regarded as players.

The 22nd year player ‘Masked Monarch’ appears in front of Humans and change the overall vibes. However, the main character is very cocky and very powerful at the same time. Although not my favorite , this might be a very good read for some viewers.

~~ 7. Medical Return ~~

After living a very very normal life, our main character finds a lot of misfortune and finally loses hope in his life. While losing all hope , and sitting on the Playground, a fairy pops out of nowhere and thanks him for saving their lives. The fairy is the human whom our main character saved when all others refused to operate calling it incurable. However, the fairy that descended from haven obliges to help him somehow.

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The Heaven’s Descended Fairy sends Dr. Kim back to the past when he was just 15Yr Old and redo his life. With all the previous knowledge and wisdom, Kim soon becomes renowned as a genius and reaches great heights. The life Kim chooses, this time, is completely random and most beneficial. Knowing the worst end of the story, Kim always landed on the safer side, if not the beat ending.

The essence of ‘reincarnation’ is heavily induced into this manga, as the main character is once more reincarnated in the future. This just follows the Solo Levelling Theme from the borders.

~~ 6. Doctor’s Rebirth ~~

A 21st generation doctor dies while saving the life a kid, who was supposed to be gun down by a terrorist. Following this misfortune, the next time our main character wakes up, he finds himself in a Murim World. Unable to understand anything, he realizes that he is in a body of a child. He later finds out that he was a part of a convoy, which died after attack from Bandits. The story unfolds greater developments with every chapter of the Manga.

After reconsidering the environment and meeting familiar faces, he comes down to a conclusion. All these characters belong to a Murim-Based novel which our Main character used to read. This enlightens the fact that our main character is living a life in a Murim World accordingly to a familiar novel.

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With all the knowledge and wisdom about future, our MC steps foot into the Murim world to achieve greatness. considering frail constitution and weak body, out main character chooses medicine rather than martial arts. With achievements surpassing the era, our boy shines brighter than everyone else in the murim world.

~~ 5. Second Life Ranker ~~

Being separated from his brother, one day our main character receives a box belonging to his brother. The box contained different photos and an artifact that visually looked like a hand watch. The photos were not of the real world and belonged to some mysterious world. These photos included many unknown faces and his brother’s interaction. This served as a memorial for his brother and somewhat more than just a memorial.

The artifact contained everything that had happened till now to his brother including demise. ON knowing the whole story, our main character steps in the other world to seek revenge. The brother’s story included happiness, Achievements, Betrayals and remorse. Gathering all those feeling along with unconditional hatred, main character starts a journey of his revenge.

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With all prior knowledge about artifacts and hidden treasures, our main character quickly gathers all required items to achieve his goals. Finding allies and foes along his way, the main character strives hard to achieve his goal. This reanimation does not resemble solo leveling from the surface, but the core is highly influenced from it.

~~ 4. The Scholar’s Reincarnation ~~

Being known as the man defying heavens and earth, our main character reaches nirvana and attains peace. But, watching the world getting rotten, our main character steps up to stop the evil forces, the so-called ’10 Heavens’. In the prolonged fight, the elder realizes he can’t beat him, so he shackles our main character’s Soul and forces him to die.

After the body disintegrates into nothing, the soul travels his way to a new vessel. He is reborn into human realm with all his memories of the past life. A deity who achieved nirvana in a body of mortal, is a very concerning and interesting fact for the plot of the story. Follow a story of rise of a god in a mortal body, very reminiscent of solo levelling.

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~~ 3. Second Coming of Gluttony ~~

A warrior of the most unprecedented War. A Warrior who was supposed to lead the human as the epicenter as him. Is now dead. On the deathbed, the promised Heaven shows itself and asks for the warrior’s oath.

The warrior’s crushed jaw and worsen body couldn’t handle the conversation for long. The soul is embodiment of warrior’s will but the body is too weak to hold onto the soul. The warrior demands his experience to travel back in time for him to reconsider his life choices. With the help of Queen’s Stone , the Heaven’s Descendant grants the wish and passes on the soul to the young lad. The main character feels it as a dream and continues his life like normal.

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The innate energies and hidden powers surfaced themselves. But, were suppressed due to silly and unwise decisions of main character. Follow up on a story about a warrior, who reanimates his soul and memories, to reach the greater heights and lead Humans as the power joint.

~~ 2. Infinite Levelling: Murim ~~

The Murim’s people are not usually the brightest of the bunch. Being taught from childhood, yardwork beats talent and hard work leads to success. Our main character lives his whole life working hard and striving to climb up the ranks only to be violated. After reaching the levels and working under the lord, he was used as a sacrificial lamb, in order to save the lord. Knowing this, he cries out as he dies and displays anger as all the hard work brought for him, was misery.

Lying in a near death situation, the angel of heaven descends and grant him a new life. This new life is highly influenced by hard work. With multiple task windows popping out of thin air , this very much resembles solo levelling in more than one way.

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With this new ability to level up by working hard, our main character raises to greater heights with knowledge and insights gained from prior life.

~~ 1. Tomb Raider King ~~

The basic framework and story board is very reminiscent of solo levelling. The idea of TOMBS very much resembles the DUNGEONS and Artefacts, very much resembles the Treasures. Just like sung jin woon, the main character was weak and practically impaired at first. But, under few fateful incidents, comes out as a total Badass. Even though solo levelling was the oldest and most esteemed manga till date, the features taken up by Tomb Raider King Can’t be stated as a Copy upstart.

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The idea of Tomb Raider King being a story of Revenge sets it apart from solo levelling. The amount of hard work and study that went into making this manga is really great. Whatever the outcome maybe, the never-ending sequences of fights and despair makes it a notch above solo levelling. The character design is very similar yet different. The subtle changes make Tomb Raider King a notch above the rest.

Well, yes, it’s the same fundamental framework. But, calling it a straight up copy would be overstatement. The manga is unique on the story board, and that’s enough to set it apart from the other competitors.

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